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47/2015 Order of the Court on application for securing the claim for damages filed by the Company



The Management Board of Gremi Media S.A. (the "Company") - in reference to the current report no. 36/2015 dated October 15, 2015. - announces that on November 12, 2015 the Company was informed about the release on November 6, 2015 by the District Court in Warsaw of the order (the "Order") concerning the rejection of the application submitted by the Company to secure the claim for damages in the amount of PLN 322,394.00 asserted against the Company's shareholders - Piotr Szczęsny and Radosław Kędzior (collectively, the "Defendants") for losses incurred in relation to the illegal actions of the Defendants that led to the inability to implement the resolution of the Annual General Meeting of the Company dated July 6, 2015 no. 30 on depriving the shareholders of the pre-emptive rights on shares of series H and I, as well as resolution no. 31 on the increase in the share capital through the issuance of shares Series H and I and amendment of the Articles of Association (file ref. III C 1189/15).

The Order provides that the application filed by the Company for temporary legal protection was dismissed solely because of failure to demonstrate - in the evaluation of the above Court ? occurrence, on the part of the Company, of legal interest in the protection. The District Court in Warsaw, however, confirmed the validity of the claim for damages asserted by the Company and stated that "the applicant provided prima facie evidence claim". Furthermore, the justification of the order indicated that "in the Court's opinion evidence attached to the file of this case in the form of a document confirming the above state of affairs, and the attached invoices to confirm the amount requested in the claim constitute prima facie evidence of the request" of the Company for the payment by the Defendants damages totaling PLN 322,394.00. The evaluation of the District Court in Warsaw of circumstances of the case confirmed the thesis of the illegality of the actions taken by Defendants to the Company, which are described in the current report no 36/2015 dated October 15, 2015.

The above Order is not legally binding, and the Company intends to submit a corresponding complaint.

In view of the statements contained in the justification of the Order, as well as their importance for proper assessment of previously published by the Company current reports concerning the dispute with the Defendants, the Company decided to publish the information about release of the above order as well as reasons of the decision.


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